White Leather Jackets for Men

Top 5 White Leather Jackets for Men

Top 5 White Leather Jackets for Men

A leather jacket is an essential piece of any man’s wardrobe, but a white leather jacket is next level gear and a real step up in your fashion game.

Of course, they’re all the rage right now - and for good reason. Not only are these pieces timeless and stylish but also they’re so popular right now that there are more options out there than ever before.

Picking a leather jacket is not easy, and picking a trendy leather piece is even more difficult. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to find the five best white leather jackets for men available right now. We’ve got a couple of different cuts and styles as well as a range of prices that should suit any budget. One thing is certain: You can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list.

Why white leather jackets are so trendy right now?

White leather jackets are on trend right now because they convey a kind of modern sophistication mixed with a street-smart sense that is hard for other pieces to pull off.

Technology is all about sleek white surfaces and leather jackets are all about bucking against the grain and expressing your inner rebel. Marrying these two dominant design trends is what has resulted in some of the best looking white leather jackets to ever hit the market: Here are our top choices for white leather jackets for men in 2020.

Top white leather jackets for men

5# The White Moto Jacket from DIESEL (ASTARS-LPATCH-1A)

This motorcycle-inspired jacket with graphic designs and stark white contrast comes from none other than fashion house DIESEL which, if anything, is known for their avant-garde designs with leather.

White Moto Jacket from DIESEL (ASTARS-LPATCH-1A)

Cinched together with a clasp button stand collar, this one hundred percent lambskin construction has four utility pockets, a mesh-lined interior, zipped cuffs and snap-button tabs on each wrist as well as scuffed shoulder pads and rear accordion stitching. The patches affixed to the jacket are inspired by brand logos and evoke a 1960s rocket age feel that is both emblematic of its “racer vibe” approach to design as well as its Le Mans inspired construction.

4# Laverapelle White Biker Jacket

A biker jacket with a comfortable, warm lining and a no-frills construction, the Laverapelle White Biker Jacket is a solid, workman-like choice for a white leather jacket that is budget-friendly and fashion forward.

white leather biker

One of the best things about the Laverapelle is that it comes in a variety of sizes that can fit all body types. Outside of that, the construction is solid, the quality is present and accounted for, and the overall package is a solid option in this category.

3# Magnificent Men's White Hooded Leather Jacket from Leather Jacket Master

This hooded white leather jacket looks like something ripped straight out of a cyberpunk thriller - and that’s why we love it.

white leather jacket men

Not only is it competitively priced but also it is really cutting edge (a rarity indeed). Coming in at $129, you get a genuine real leather jacket with a white sheen and a glossy satin interior that both protects you from the elements and helps keep the jacket lasting for years to come.

The hood is removable so if you don’t think it fits your style you’ve got options. Held together with a YKK zipper, the Magnificent Men’s White Hooded Leather Jacket has two side zip enclosure pockets, two interior pockets (one with zip enclosure), open cuffs, and adjustable side waist buckle straps.

2# Men’s Leather Biker Style Zip Jacket Stan Vintage White from House of Leather

This stark design features visible contrast stitching on white leather with a quilted cross hatch pattern on the shoulders and an architectural outline on the rest of the garment.

white leather jacket

Lined with polyester, the exterior is genuine leather with four outer pockets, zipped  enclosures, open cuffs, and lines for days. Two accent strips of fabric on the arm differentiates one side from the other and the overall look is one of deconstructed minimalism - perfect for the wearer that wants something modern but not too flashy. Coming in at about $300, it won’t break your bank but it isn’t cheap by any stretch.

#1 The Bone Leather Jacket from Straight To Hell Apparel

Full-grain buffalo napa leather in a slim cut, The Bone Leather Jacket from Straight to Hell Apparel is almost as cool as it is contemporary and timely.

he Bone Leather Jacket from Straight To Hell Apparel

Lined with a quilted polyester that is doubled for heat and comfort, this jacket is made according to ethical standards and is minimalist while also being somewhat flexible in styling options.

Arriving at about $300, this jacket isn’t cheap and, given its structure, isn’t the most flexible piece but it is the perfect jacket for the man that prides himself on being ahead of the crowd when it comes to new looks.

How to wear a white leather jacket?

Here are some outfits ideas:

Pair with Jeans

Jeans and a white leather jacket go together like bees and honey. And like that sweet couple, almost any pair or cut of jeans works as long as you are comfortable and it is flattering to your physique.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Sunglasses, scarves, gloves - you know the drill. Wearing a leather jacket is your time to shine in the accessories department and you shouldn’t shy away from the full look - shoes included!

Think About the Occasion

Part of being stylish is wearing the appropriate clothing for the right occasion. Always keep that in mind. While your white leather jacket might look good in most lights, in some places it just won’t look right.

Don’t Bulk Up Under the Jacket

One thing about a leather jacket is that it doesn’t give as much as other jackets. That means you need to think about what you are wearing underneath the jacket because bulky materials like wool and even cotton might not only make the look awkward but also uncomfortable.

Keep It Tailored and Simple

Keep your lines elegant, your accessories minimal, and make sure everything hews in closely to your body. Simple lines and simple styles often have a huge impact when it comes to making an impression. Never forget that.