Fast Fashion Leather Biker Jackets for Men

Top 5 fast fashion leather biker jackets for men in 2020

Top 5 fast fashion leather biker jackets for men in 2020

Making a purchasing decision when it comes to clothes is often more difficult than many of us would like to admit. That’s because we would like to get our money’s worth, if possible.

Fast fashion often gets a bad rap for having low-quality garments that won’t go beyond the season in which you purchase them. But that’s not entirely true nor fair.

Like every clothing brand out there, fast fashion labels have their own reps as well.

When it comes to real leather jackets, you’ve actually got a great selection of offerings at fair and affordable prices.

What is fast fashion?

You might be wondering what fast fashion is exactly and how it differs from mainstream fashion labels. In its simplest form, fast fashion is often a quickly produced garment that responds to immediate trends in terms of design and comes at an affordable price.

The adjective fast applies to both how quickly a trend is translated into production (a process that takes most fashion lines months) but also the word describes how quickly these stores turnover product and cycle through lines.

Zara and H&M, among others, often have multiple styles in one season compared to their competitors which often only offer a few set styles each season.

On top of that, fast fashion is often very avant-garde in design and tries to imitate runway styles more than most clothing labels.

What are the main fast fashion brands in the USA?

The largest fast fashion brands in the United States are Zara and H&M with Japanese giant Uniqlo making serious inroads. Some people call brands like American Eagle “fast fashion” but they aren’t really based upon a fast fashion model as described above.

One online brand that has experienced explosive growth over the past several years is Fashion Nova which uses a purely online and Instagram-driven business model. 

Top 5 biker jackets from fast fashion brands

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite leather biker jackets from fast fashion brands.

These biker jackets come in a range of styles and prices but all of them are authentic leather and will do the trick when it comes to getting you your leather fix.

#5 Mango Biker Jacket - Lapels Nappa Biker Jacket

This 100% Nappa leather jacket is sharp in its construction and tailored in its overall appearance while still holding to the classic cues of a leather biker jacket such as nickel detailing and functionality melded with form.

We’ve got shouldered loops, a chest pocket, and two accompanying pockets on the front with asymmetric front zipper closure.

It has an inner utility pocket and is lined with polyester which, though synthetic, helps the jacket retain heat in cold weather.

Overall a traditional if somewhat safe demonstration of the biker jacket style, this Lapels Nappa Biker Jacket is an excellent, affordable option at just under $250.

5 Mango Biker Jacket

 #4 GAP Biker Jacket

If there is one thing that the GAP does consistently, it is quality.

This jacket is no exception. Constructed out of 100% leather with a fine grain, pebbled exterior, GAP pulled out all the stops in this restrained, timeless design.

Sporting a notched collar and snap detailing, it has an asymmetrical front closure with a zipper chest pocket as well as two side pockets.

Made to last, GAP’s leather biker jacket understands that buying this kind of item is for a lifetime and the price reflects that.

Arriving at $498, this jacket isn’t cheap but it promises to stay with you through thick and thin.

If you see yourself really wearing out your leather biker jacket, this might be the best option for you as it is ready for the job. 

GAP Biker Jacket

 #3 Topman Leather Biker Jacket

Topman’s option is a simple yet elegant leather biker jacket that gives you the option of layering it because it is a relatively lightweight and thin leather construction.

Made from 100% all real leather like every other option on this list, this jacket is very pliable and made out of soft leather with a fine grain.

Featuring a waist belt, chest pocket, and two side pockets, the distinguishing mark of the Topman jacket over the others is how it sits on your body.

Whereas the other jackets almost have a stiff appearance, this jacket almost looks pre-worn and pre-aged.

For those consumers looking for an instantly comfortable, natural-looking leather biker jacket, we think this is a solid choice at $235.

Topman Leather Biker Jacket

#2 ASOS Biker Jacket

Notched lapel, nickel stud detailing, and grained black leather make this biker jacket the traditional, no-frills jacket for the man who knows what he wants but doesn’t want to spend more money than he should.

Coming at $120, this biker jacket looks the part just like every other on this list but trounces the competition in the price department.

Everything you expect in a leather biker jacket is here except for the expense.

What more is there to want?

ASOS Biker Jacket

#1 Leather Biker Jacket from H&M

This leather biker jacket ticks off all of the essentials without a lot of fuss. Sleek, minimalistic design is complemented by a supple yet durable leather in a matte black that is primed for age and wear.

There’s a thickness to the leather that is immediately apparent from the moment you touch it to the moment you put it on. It sits on your shoulders with a weight that only the highest quality leather tends to have.

With a diagonal zip front and interior pockets, this H&M special is also ready to accommodate most modern accessories and should be perfect for daily wear.

A viscose lining and interior pockets help round out a perfectly competent biker jacket that, at $399, is not the cheapest option but is a high-quality, long term purchase.

Leather Biker Jacket from H&M